The Final Choice

Two Messiahs are coming soon -- the Antichrist, a false messiah -- and Jesus Christ, the true Messiah -- and you will be forced to make a choice!
Every living person will shortly be confronted with the choice of accepting or refusing the mark of the beast.

You may believe that you won't be here when it happens, so you have nothing to worry about. But many of your loved ones, family and friends will be here. You have an obligation to warn them!

What will this mark be?
  • It may be a Digital ID applied to the body in the form of a mark that will serve as an 'Immunity or Health Passport', controlling your access to the economy.
  • It may be an Invisible Quantum Dot 'Tattoo' to track everyone that's been vaccinated against the Covet-19 virus and other diseases issued as a vaccination passport.
  • It may be an implanted microchip that gives you access to the economy.
  • It may be a another new technology in the process of development.
  • It may be a combination of the above.
Very soon it may become mandatory for every person to possess a digital ID and Vaccination Passport as an authenticated gateway for public services, businesses and employees. Will this be, or lead to the mark of the beast?

Christians differ with regard to who the Antichrist and what his mark will be. However, one thing most prophecy watchers agree on is that all the signs indicate that the revelation of the Antichrist can happen at any time!

This is a book every Christian must read:
Seven Reasons Why
Every Christian Must Prepare Spiritually For The Antichrist And Great Tribulation
Elmer D Grobler

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