Seven Reasons Why

Every Christian Must Prepare Spiritually For The Antichrist And Great Tribulation

Elmer D Grobler

This is what you will read in the ten chapters of Seven Reasons Why:

1. Seven biblical pointers that the rapture will not occur before the Great Tribulation.
2. Facing reality
3. When your faith fails the test
4. Passing the test of saving faith
5. The Church's identity crisis
6. The spiritual mark of the Antichrist
7. When your faith is destined for the furnace
8. When victorious faith is required
9. Restoring a confused Christian identity
10. Passing The test of victorious faith

Elmer Grobler

Elmer Grobler is a South African missionary, called by the Lord to help proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ via the internet and digital media. You can read more about his ministry, Scripture Educational Programs, here.

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